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Barack Obama Moves To Canada – Funny Canadian Advertisement

Not long ago I saw a commercial where they depict Barack Obama wanting to move to Canada after his end of term—of course as a parody. That you appreciate Obama or dislike him this parody is simply good advertising and nothing better than Friday, January 20th, 2017 to share it with my fellow U.S citizens visiting this site.

Take note, I have NO affiliation whatsoever with Dominion Lending Centers or their cronies.


Over a decade ago when choosing a video editing software I settled with a Sonic Foundry product but soon after the giant Sony bought all of the Sonic Foundry lineup including my accustomed Vegas Video editing software. The change did nothing other than reading Sony instead of Sonic Foundry — the program itself was essentially made with the same base code.

To my surprise this year Sony sold the same lineup to a German holding company named MAGIX and once again the “Vegas” name changes ownership and again I have to see another name. Hey! As long they do not change too much in any “wrong” direction I will remain a customer especially if the list of features grows as it did under MAGIX.

Go read the official entry and or go straight to the new features listed below the main article, it’s promising:
VEGAS Pro 14 – A new era begins for video editing

La Gachette – Montréal (French Punk Rock)

I present you a very interesting Punk Rock song called “Montréal”, performed by the group La Gachette and it is their first video since their inception. Sure there are many videos of them on Youtube but they are merely pub filming with poor sound. Talking about sound La Gachette is pure Punk but to many it is not completely true, that is because you have to learn Quebec’s Punk Rock distinctive sound just like Quebec is distinctive itself from the rest. Nowhere else in the world you ear this type of Punk Rock music and that French or not.

The lead singer of this group is Erik, the person with the French beret seen on the first still photo of the video above. On a daily basis we use to see each other because we both worked in the construction business, last news I had of him he was still in that business. I wish him the best so he can live a better life with his family, these people are hard working people earning every penny with sweat and pain, not easy after a day of hard labour to present a show on a Friday night for people to enjoy their weekend.

You can listen to more songs from La Gachette on their website: La Gachette

Ovechkin The Rapper

This is a bit old but poking fun is never too late, especially when a good and well known hockey player try to rap, and in Russian too, well ok, that was predictable as the player in question is Russian, named Alexander Ovechkin. What a farce, but he has more guts than me and much richer, making my comments look blank to him. ;) Here is the funniest part of the video, swimming Ovechkin… lol