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Kill To Save

Recently an article on Slate.com disturbed me more than usual because it finally “explained” why we see so many videos coming out of China and elsewhere in Asia where drivers hit accidentally a pedestrian or cyclist and then make sure to kill if they were only injured.

These type of socio-happenings bothers me a lot because these “civil” deaths do not occur in war zones, nature devastation, accidents or sickness, instead a lot of these people have been killed “calculatingly” and I use the word calculatingly because nothing is closer to the topic than a word deriving from “calculate”, because that’s exactly what these murderers do – they calculate their penalty equal to a terrorist calculating their damage.

It’s hard to read an article that says a person was killed because he/she was in the midst of a shooting, a car accident, a war zone and so forth but to read they have been “simply” hit, often only dazed AND than being run over on purpose to make sure one dies is in my book one of the most disgusting, revolting actions available to a human while alive and even more so when it’s an entire region under the same attitude.

Of course, we cannot speak for the entire region as if everybody does this furthermore it is becoming rare and things are changing. But it is going to take a while before true changes occur because at the moment we can clearly realise that they are not totally ready to change because many news and police enforcement take the driver’s side when compelling video evidence is presented. This blatant stupidity, archaic mentality, unafraid and calculated empathy – an affront to any proper way of life and justice.

At the end these people kill their victims for not paying too much money. It’s a sick system and nothing else.