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First “Major” Misfortune For The A380

October 4 2010, will be remembered as the largest misfortune to date for the Airbus 380. Soon after take-off, the Quantas A380 experienced a destructive engine problem. The pilot forced to take quick actions, safely turned around and landed without further incident. Ground personnel were quick to the scene to attend the case. In total, there were 466 passengers on board with no injuries reported. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is on the case. On the image below, pointed with a blue arrow, you can see extensive damage on the wing caused by some fragments. The black arrows show the soot coming out of a bypass zone. This leaves me to believe the culprit was in the compressor area rather then the combustion area, which is the next module towards the back. Of course, this is pure speculation of my part, hence I cannot wait for the report to come out, but this might take some time.

Quantas A380 Engine Blowout

BBC news: Qantas grounds A380s after Singapore emergency landing