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Camera Price Lower Than Expected


It’s a couple of weeks I have been hunting for the perfect price to pay for a used camera, more precisely for the Canon SX30 IS, and finally paid off. I can’t really take nice pictures of the camera as I had to use my son’s phone cam, and we all know this is by far the worst type of image for clear detail. But you can trust me when I say the camera is flawless, everything in the box was accounted for and above all, paid less than expected thanks to Henry’s (henrys.com). And the image this camera takes, unbelievable for a bridge camera, but it is a Canon, what else to expect? Below is my first image taken with the Canon SX30 IS, straight out of the box, I closed all light (except for the PC screen making some light) and shot, and the result is very good for not setting anything. (Image resized and quality lost)



Therefore if your are looking for some amazing possibilities with your camera and you do not want to pay a fortune for a new one, I really suggest this Canon SX30 IS, it is by far one of the best camera in this category, in fact, even new cameras of this type from other companies do not even come close in quality image. If you have money to spend, buy the SX40 HS, the newer model, but these series are truly exceptional. (Avoid the SX20 IS by the way, it’s a bit too hold in my opinion)