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Spring 2013

All winter I avoided posting as apart from regular work all my time and effort went towards music making and my continuous writings, my photo editing and other fun stuff took a side step thus even my blog. I also had a panic and a half when two weeks ago my hard drive suddenly slowed down to the point where files were being corrupted, but before I lost my data I ordered another hard drive made a backup and set this new hard drive to work. There is nothing more stupid than running on a hard drive and not having a back up of that same data, at least as recent as possible, it avoids nightmarish situations I tell you. Now spring is here, winter has gone and posting regularly picks up. I am also technically on vacation since I have been laid off from work until the next project, but this time I need to find another job as I know the date of the next project and I cannot wait that long without regular income, hard times ahead flank.

I took the opportunity to remove the music page because I now have a proper website for all of Retro Evo’s music. Therefore if you wonder what happened to the music page you have an explanation. I still haven’t finished Retro Evo’s website but since I will release my first album within 4 to 6 weeks in have time to finish it, for now I will concentrate finishing the few compositions that will make the cut into my first album.