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Now They Wake Up

Marco Rubio has been in line for a funny edit for quite some time and I finally got the time and opportunity to include him. However, I believed he would have ended up on my funny edit list for an irrational thought as he often does, instead he made the list for simply saying something late.

The outcome of the tax bill would have been the same even if Rubio spoke against it beforehand, thus the point here is not necessarily about him alone. This funny edit is a “laugh at” type, and dedicated towards all those politicians that knew from day one it wasn’t great and said nothing, like zombies of some sort.

Nonetheless you can bet, my finger is pointed at both sides, because if you paid close attention, Democrats did near nothing to change the course of the entire presentation of the bill to it’s almost finalization. Go review the past months what Pelosi and friends did on the floor… [crickets].

It just happens that Rubio was in line for a funny edit and why not a Republican, since they are outright the camp favoring the trickle-down-economy, because that’s what is happening ladies and gentlemen. Regan’s dreams in part are coming true and that was brought to you by someone who will profit even more from it, Trump. And you, if you are the average Joe, your dream is further away more than ever because all paths being laid are for the big guys to get bigger, not you. Those tax reductions are just enough for you and your grouping to shut up and go buy a television or a new mobile phone made in China, you’ll be happy.

The United States is entering what I call the U.S foutaise era, literally the bullcrap era, and I am referencing to how bad that bull crap in the financial district of New York will smell bad in a few years in the minds of millions.

But for now shareholders make your bids!