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Gaddafi Murdered?

Incredible how many posts and articles declare that Gaddafi was “murdered”, and the fact that he did not stand trial. Once again we observe injustice you might argue! I think otherwise, I do not think anyone with a remorseless and bloody past should live a minute longer after a capture. Gaddafi met his trial, and was sentenced and executed within a timely fashion, by the Libyan people. This is the best outcome after more than 40 years of ruling. The Libyan people are liberated and will choose their destiny more democratically from now on.

Just As Promised

Mr. Al-Gaddafi, it is imported from your own backyard !!! In August 2008 Italy signed a memorandum pledging $5 billion to Libya. This is part of the reconciliation process due to the atrocities Italians inflicted to Libyans during the occupation between the two world wars. I am not sure if Italy was in the process of paying out this fraud when the rebellion started. Either way, with Gaddafi out of power, it is neither him nor family that will benefit from it.