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Pain In My Heart

The other day I learned that my neighbor living downstairs was laid off by his company after 15+ years of service, supposedly due to not enough work. Sure my arse, because it’s full of new employee’s that have hardly worked there for a year and they did not get laid off? But the true story goes like this; he was let go because he did not get along with a new manager that was put on the night shift with him. My neighbor told me that he did not get along with this guy, hence, he got booted for this reason he thinks, because there is work and hiring they have been doing. But here is where things get very interesting and heartbreaking, my neighbor is in his late fifty’s and approaching retirement and will probably not find another job with the same salary bracket as he must start from the ground up all over again.

Why, and I ask again, why would a company not take in consideration the time left before retirement, there should be laws that protect workers that are very near retirement. My heart is below my belt, I cannot take it even if I barley know my neighbor. He lived from pay check to pay check and has no means to do without money or a normal pay until he can retire or be eligible for Canada‚Äôs public pension fund. For the next 36 weeks, he is eligible and receiving unemployment insurance but then what. This man is alone, taken advantage of by his adult children and shunned by the rest of his family because his ex-wife made sure of that, no friends, nothing, only us to help him out, and we do and will continue to do so, because he is human and I do not want him or anyone to find their way under a bridge. Everybody seems so cold towards these cases nowadays it’s not even funny. I am presently seeing a total debacle of a person unrolling in front of my eyes, I will NOT stand idle.

Of course I am not asking for money, me and my wife will take charge of sustaining him as much we can until we can. What I am trying to do here is make you realize that even if you barely know someone, and he/she is not quite your type, you still need to have a heart and help if you can. So if you know someone near you who needs help, don’t turn your back on them. The only thing you need to remember, is not to be afraid to tell them not to get comfy asking stuff, especially money, never give money directly to anyone, buy for them instead, such as food, do NOT give them money. Ask if they consumed food that day because that is priority number one. As far I am concerned it’s not hard to help, and with that, you will find some comfort of your own.