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Human Behavior – The Ladies


When we think about human behavior as a whole, we can clearly observe in daily life how we react to banal things such as the opposite sex. It is so anchored in our DNA that no amount of education, prestige, religious belief or even the moment and seriousness of an affair can sway away a human to behave like nature took its course to do.

However, does this link with nature explain why countless men cannot think and behave in front of people? Do I need to ask the women to hide themselves? Should I blame them for tempting my look and fantasize? Of course not, it’s all in our mind, because if you look, you imagine, if you imagine you may do, say or act inadequately, making you look at times as the men on these images and we have a laugh. :)

You Eat – Ready For The Trip

I was suppose to upload this work in the month of October to underline October Fest and at the same time dedicate this Funny Edit to all submariners all around the world, past, present, future of all nationalities. But the work was longer to achieve, better late then never. 


The image itself, and the way the elements are placed, emphasize the importance of long term preparation these men (also women in some navy’s) have to perform and endure while going on long sorties, peaceful time or not. Food, health care, ammunitions and many other cargos must be accounted for or it may severely disrupt the mission. It is close to a ceremony in a sense when these ships leave port. But once out there, it is not easy to be inside a tube, breathing the same recycled air over and over again, where even the least claustrophobic person must at times remind themselves that all is good… the thought of an accident or enemy hit could result in little to no chance of escape, where everyday life resembles the one of a miner than a sailor. Think about it… compared to other navy elements. Side Note: The picture frame contains the picture of Wolfgang Lüth, an homage I do to him. He was probably one of the best submarine commanders of all time, in my eyes. Unfortunately he served the wrong cause, nevertheless you cannot strip away the talent and guts of one. – An Ace is an Ace.