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Richard Branson Doing His Part Against Shark Finning

On September 22, 2011, Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin group, posted a blog entry from Shanghai, stating that he and fellow friends are asking for a ban on shark fin soup in China. Since he is hugely popular the idea seemed good at first, why not. But then I said to myself, a white English man asking Chinese people to turn away from one of their favourite delicacies is not easy done. But what I thought and what actually happened differed hugely, and I am glad I was wrong. Yesterday, September 29, 7 days after he posted his first blog entry about shark finning, he reposted again but this time with some interesting news. Supposedly a restaurant chain in China has stopped selling shark fins, directly related to last week’s event calling on shark fin ban in China. Here is the link to the first blog entry of Richard Branson: Save our sharks in Shanghai

When they can, it is always nice to see rich people spending time the right way.