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Montmorency Falls – Chute Montmorency

I was looking at my Youtube channel and noticed one of my videos is overwhelmingly viewed for the nature of the content, it’s a boring video of a snow storm where you see me and my kids shovel snow and it has over 7,900 views and counting. What I do not understand is why another video I made has hardly any views and is by far more informative compared to the snow storm video.

Well, I guess it’s time for a self promotional move, here’s the video of the Montmorency Falls, known in French as Chute Montmorency. Situated near the city of Quebec this beautiful 30 meter water fall is a must see, if you are near Quebec or in the province of Quebec, for example you are visiting Montreal and have a few hours to spare it can be done all in one morning, the video kind of proves it as I come from Montreal, so it’s not far and worth the time. Enjoy the video!