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Down Syndrome Is Known To All Except For One Police Officer

It takes a special kind of person to be up-close to a Down syndrome and not notice that they are Down syndrome and then beat them down for running away, depending which side of the story you believe.

Here’s the story: 22-year-syndrome-beaten-police-bulge-pants-colostomy-bag

or simply watch here:

The part I do not believe is that the officer was unable to recognize the boy as being Down syndrome. Down syndrome people look a certain way, talk a certain way, walk and run a certain way and skinny or fat they all have the same body traits with similar motions. In fact recognizing Down syndrome is so easy you must be either stupid in medical terms or doing it on purpose to not recognize one. The officer supposedly said he did not know he was Down syndrome but between you and me when we see a Down syndrome we notice right away whether day or night. Without our parents telling us as a child we knew the difference between a Down syndrome versus the so called normal ones like us. Thus, without our parent’s bearing we knew to treat these people kindly, differently just because they were visually different and acted differently if one tried to play with one of them as I did. Thus if kids know there is no reason for an adult to not recognize a Down syndrome as it is the most recognizable genetic disorder on earth, everybody knows about it.

This police officer should be disciplined by doing a quick special course to learn more than what they have learned so far in the police psychological education segment and also learn how to deal with different situations on a higher degree. Or he can stay home and suck his thumb so dumb he is for even being in the news whatsoever concerning him and a beaten Down syndrome.