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Francesco Schettino – Premium Marine Joke


Well, what I can say for Mr. Schettino, the infamous captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship who hit bottom and overturned the cruise ship off the Italian coast. I do not know what to say other than say that I am a bit disappointed at myself; yes me, because by finishing an essay I could have indirectly predicated that such thing could happen again under an Italian captain, unfortunately that essay isn’t done. In that essay I explain why Italy produces “some of” the best and worst captain around.

Sure they have good captains, the country is surrounded by water, due to this going back into history books will reveal the huge implication of Italian explorers, all countries hired them, surpassing Portugal, France and Spain and only the British have done better in terms of exceptional navigators and service rendered.

However, the same factor that yields many good captains, also yield potential unqualified people into the navy that simply can’t handle high pressure moments. And this is not new story, in World War 2 German military papers, which were observations by German officers, have reported negative behavior from some Italian units operating along Germans, where Italian seaman were not disciplined and where in many occasion surrendered under light situations and/or avoided confrontation all together. How Francesco Schettino reacted was just a “possible” repeat of history, predictable as I said earlier.

However, let’s remember the opposite is true, some of the greatest captains were Italian and the balance is still in Italian favor for good captains out there. Even Francesco Schettino made a decent move under the circumstance as he turned the ship around to avoid the deep, imagine the disaster then. That he did it fast enough or not, the good direction or not, it’s not important at this point, the ship will not float, what matters is why he abandoned ship so fast (to early for the real reasons), as I love to analyze behaviors to form correlations, one of the most powerful tool of the brain for reasoning impartially. ;)

Francesco Schettino, you couldn’t hit water even if you fell from a boat