Goodbye Bernard Pépin

Like all weekends our family gets busy, however usually they are not sad like it started this weekend. Well, in a way I knew it was coming. You see, since the beginning of 2009 it’s the third person I know that passes away, and last week the 30th of Mai, a former co-worker died at the young age of 46. He felt sick on Friday, he felt a bit of numbness on his left leg and hand, he decided to sleep over it, he never woke up, R.I.P. He was always cheerful and funny, always in time and no matter what age the person was he treated him or her the same way, with respect. Even if I don’t have all the experience in the construction world, he made me feel at ease and never said no to a good teaching session, he had lots of experience and I learned a lot with him. He was what we call here in French a “Charpentier”, a Carpenter. He loved what he did, he left his native region of Beauce to come to Montreal at the age of 20 with only 200 dollars in his pocket and his Trans Am, his wish was to work in construction as a carpenter, he got what he came for. I got to know him when I stared to work for the same company only about 1 year ago, but I heard of him years before that. My wife is project manager for the construction company he worked for. Because of this I got to know a great guy, so much that I still refuse to believe he is gone, I still want to talk to him… I spent over 8 hours a day for months, working, talking, having fun, thinking, getting hurt, bitching about the boss and what else happens on a crazy construction site. On Saturday’s often my wife use to bring one of the kids at the job site, so he got to know all my kids very well too. We also spent a few times together outside the job. In all he became known and appreciated by our family. Indeed appreciated by everyone, I never seen so much people for a funeral. It shows he was a star… Bernard, we will miss you so much… In Memory Of Bernard Pépin Un Beauceron Qui A Du Coeur (Best Jarret Noir ever…).