Down Syndrome Is Known To All Except For One Police Officer

It takes a special kind of person to be up-close to a Down syndrome and not notice that they are Down syndrome and then beat them down for running away, depending which side of the story you believe.

Here’s the story: 22-year-syndrome-beaten-police-bulge-pants-colostomy-bag

or simply watch here:

The part I do not believe is that the officer was unable to recognize the boy as being Down syndrome. Down syndrome people look a certain way, talk a certain way, walk and run a certain way and skinny or fat they all have the same body traits with similar motions. In fact recognizing Down syndrome is so easy you must be either stupid in medical terms or doing it on purpose to not recognize one. The officer supposedly said he did not know he was Down syndrome but between you and me when we see a Down syndrome we notice right away whether day or night. Without our parents telling us as a child we knew the difference between a Down syndrome versus the so called normal ones like us. Thus, without our parent’s bearing we knew to treat these people kindly, differently just because they were visually different and acted differently if one tried to play with one of them as I did. Thus if kids know there is no reason for an adult to not recognize a Down syndrome as it is the most recognizable genetic disorder on earth, everybody knows about it.

This police officer should be disciplined by doing a quick special course to learn more than what they have learned so far in the police psychological education segment and also learn how to deal with different situations on a higher degree. Or he can stay home and suck his thumb so dumb he is for even being in the news whatsoever concerning him and a beaten Down syndrome.

Hollister Pyrotechnics

An old online acquaintance opened up a pyrotechnics shop and since it is new he needs help spreading the word. Hollister Pyrotechnics sell custom made mortar tubes, sturdy hand made racks, supplies, firing systems and provide pyrotechnic shows for every budget.

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Montmorency Falls – Chute Montmorency

I was looking at my Youtube channel and noticed one of my videos is overwhelmingly viewed for the nature of the content, it’s a boring video of a snow storm where you see me and my kids shovel snow and it has over 7,900 views and counting. What I do not understand is why another video I made has hardly any views and is by far more informative compared to the snow storm video.

Well, I guess it’s time for a self promotional move, here’s the video of the Montmorency Falls, known in French as Chute Montmorency. Situated near the city of Quebec this beautiful 30 meter water fall is a must see, if you are near Quebec or in the province of Quebec, for example you are visiting Montreal and have a few hours to spare it can be done all in one morning, the video kind of proves it as I come from Montreal, so it’s not far and worth the time. Enjoy the video!

Red Cross Blood Bank – Boston

I do not live near Boston, I am not a citizen of the United States, I don’t pray, I do not have family there so quite frankly there isn’t much I can do in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy. I even got laid off recently and can’t spare any money or I would give, but no amount of money is going to help in this case anyway. However I recommend anyone living near Boston or in Boston or any readers here that knows someone from Boston to remind to donate blood because after such a high number of injuries in one locality it is guaranteed the local blood supply will drop dramatically. Again this will not help immediately, nothing can, but blood is always in need and needs to be kept at a high and safe level, because we never know. Also if you feel you can spare a few dollars this is a good time to give a few to the American Red Cross. Here is the direct link to the Boston Donation Center info page of the American Red Cross;


Spring 2013

All winter I avoided posting as apart from regular work all my time and effort went towards music making and my continuous writings, my photo editing and other fun stuff took a side step thus even my blog. I also had a panic and a half when two weeks ago my hard drive suddenly slowed down to the point where files were being corrupted, but before I lost my data I ordered another hard drive made a backup and set this new hard drive to work. There is nothing more stupid than running on a hard drive and not having a back up of that same data, at least as recent as possible, it avoids nightmarish situations I tell you. Now spring is here, winter has gone and posting regularly picks up. I am also technically on vacation since I have been laid off from work until the next project, but this time I need to find another job as I know the date of the next project and I cannot wait that long without regular income, hard times ahead flank.

I took the opportunity to remove the music page because I now have a proper website for all of Retro Evo’s music. Therefore if you wonder what happened to the music page you have an explanation. I still haven’t finished Retro Evo’s website but since I will release my first album within 4 to 6 weeks in have time to finish it, for now I will concentrate finishing the few compositions that will make the cut into my first album.