These moral crusaders are happy the Supreme Court of the United States favored Lobby Hobby as birth control is a form of abortion, they say. Okay, now what I want to see from these people is picketing Lobby Hobby to protest the vast majority of Chinese products Lobby Hobby sells. Because Chinese are among the most abortion prone people on earth where over 30,000 abortions are performed each day and many are “forced” to do so. Buying from abortionists or getting rich with their products is okay with these Christians but please do freak out over something that does not exist yet. You cannot have more morally hypocrites and poor thinkers than these groups I tell you. These people are not pro-life they are pro-whatever-fits-their-mind.

Why Change The Name Of The Washington Redskins?

“Redskins means nothing to me as I have nothing against Natives so removing the Redskins name for the NFL team equals to stupidity for me and many others as well.”

The phrase you just read above is common among good intentioned people; in fact that line would be similar to what I would have said a few years ago. With time when someone really wants to become knowledgeable must also be able to walk in other peoples shoes as much as possible. Even if it is not possible to truly feel like another we can have a good idea, thus to achieve that feeling you must be able to think properly as well. Therefore, for some of you that still do not understand why it is important to change the name of the Washington Redskins let me explain it this way: Redskins for the majority of natives equals disparaging thoughts and they are right about it because they do not use this word amongst themselves in the first place because of the historical nature and use of the word. The word redskin is the same as other slurs against other races.

Imagine you are Italian and a team out there is called Washington Waps or if you are of African descent Washington Nigers or if a Jew Washington Bignoses. Better yet if you are white American what about the owner being black and they name their team Washington Crackers? You get the idea it is neither right nor fair and it has nothing to do with politically correctness but simple respect, understanding and letting go of things that do not have place in modern days.

There are also many natives who do not want to change the name of the Washington Redskins because it does not offend them, they say. But here is the deal with these people as I analyzed as much as possible these natives who are in favor of keeping the name and I found out often they are either; not on a reserve, poor thinkers thus not very bright people to start with, lives a life far away from anything related to native ways and finally many behave reminiscent of Stockholm syndrome to the point I feel they disgust their heritage.

You want to use something related to natives?

Try Washington Tomahawks, Natives, Warriors, Riders, Arrows, and Nomads just to name a few.

The key to good all around life and or success is being able to change, adapt, learn and realizing mistakes if there is one and not to be staunch about things you cannot even defend morally, logically or understand. When you try while being unable to defend your points you are automatically on the wrong side of history because the majority does try to live better on a daily basis and these little changes means a lot, especially for the ones involved here, the proud unashamed natives.

Change the Washington Redskins name and let us move forward fast.

La Gachette – Montréal (French Punk Rock)

I present you a very interesting Punk Rock song called “Montréal”, performed by the group La Gachette and it is their first video since their inception. Sure there are many videos of them on Youtube but they are merely pub filming with poor sound. Talking about sound La Gachette is pure Punk but to many it is not completely true, that is because you have to learn Quebec’s Punk Rock distinctive sound just like Quebec is distinctive itself from the rest. Nowhere else in the world you ear this type of Punk Rock music and that French or not.

The lead singer of this group is Erik, the person with the French beret seen on the first still photo of the video above. On a daily basis we use to see each other because we both worked in the construction business, last news I had of him he was still in that business. I wish him the best so he can live a better life with his family, these people are hard working people earning every penny with sweat and pain, not easy after a day of hard labour to present a show on a Friday night for people to enjoy their weekend.

You can listen to more songs from La Gachette on their website: La Gachette

Down Syndrome Is Known To All Except For One Police Officer

It takes a special kind of person to be up-close to a Down syndrome and not notice that they are Down syndrome and then beat them down for running away, depending which side of the story you believe.

Here’s the story: 22-year-syndrome-beaten-police-bulge-pants-colostomy-bag

or simply watch here:

The part I do not believe is that the officer was unable to recognize the boy as being Down syndrome. Down syndrome people look a certain way, talk a certain way, walk and run a certain way and skinny or fat they all have the same body traits with similar motions. In fact recognizing Down syndrome is so easy you must be either stupid in medical terms or doing it on purpose to not recognize one. The officer supposedly said he did not know he was Down syndrome but between you and me when we see a Down syndrome we notice right away whether day or night. Without our parents telling us as a child we knew the difference between a Down syndrome versus the so called normal ones like us. Thus, without our parent’s bearing we knew to treat these people kindly, differently just because they were visually different and acted differently if one tried to play with one of them as I did. Thus if kids know there is no reason for an adult to not recognize a Down syndrome as it is the most recognizable genetic disorder on earth, everybody knows about it.

This police officer should be disciplined by doing a quick special course to learn more than what they have learned so far in the police psychological education segment and also learn how to deal with different situations on a higher degree. Or he can stay home and suck his thumb so dumb he is for even being in the news whatsoever concerning him and a beaten Down syndrome.

Hollister Pyrotechnics

An old online acquaintance opened up a pyrotechnics shop and since it is new he needs help spreading the word. Hollister Pyrotechnics sell custom made mortar tubes, sturdy hand made racks, supplies, firing systems and provide pyrotechnic shows for every budget.

Visit the website for any inquiry, he’s a cool guy and will provide you with all the information needed.

Good launch!


Montmorency Falls – Chute Montmorency

I was looking at my Youtube channel and noticed one of my videos is overwhelmingly viewed for the nature of the content, it’s a boring video of a snow storm where you see me and my kids shovel snow and it has over 7,900 views and counting. What I do not understand is why another video I made has hardly any views and is by far more informative compared to the snow storm video.

Well, I guess it’s time for a self promotional move, here’s the video of the Montmorency Falls, known in French as Chute Montmorency. Situated near the city of Quebec this beautiful 30 meter water fall is a must see, if you are near Quebec or in the province of Quebec, for example you are visiting Montreal and have a few hours to spare it can be done all in one morning, the video kind of proves it as I come from Montreal, so it’s not far and worth the time. Enjoy the video!