Over a decade ago when choosing a video editing software I settled with a Sonic Foundry product but soon after the giant Sony bought all of the Sonic Foundry lineup including my accustomed Vegas Video editing software. The change did nothing other than reading Sony instead of Sonic Foundry — the program itself was essentially made with the same base code.

To my surprise this year Sony sold the same lineup to a German holding company named MAGIX and once again the “Vegas” name changes ownership and again I have to see another name. Hey! As long they do not change too much in any “wrong” direction I will remain a customer especially if the list of features grows as it did under MAGIX.

Go read the official entry and or go straight to the new features listed below the main article, it’s promising:
VEGAS Pro 14 – A new era begins for video editing

DigiBox And MuxLab Signs Distribution Agreement

Official Press Release: DigiBox signs Distribution Agreement with MuxLab

I am not sure what DigiBox is but MuxLab is based right here in Quebec, Canada and anything helping our market is good news indeed. Now that said MuxLab specializes in hardware aimed at transferring all forms of media and other data. For example, let’s say at your business place or household you want to acquire a better camera surveillance system but you do not want to invest in rewiring, with MuxLab and their solutions one can connect a new IP POE camera to an existing single coax cable and then back to 10/100 ethernet so it can connect to a recorder. Normally you cannot do this nor is it easy to achieve with over the counter typical devices found at your typical electronic store, they simply do not hold such products. In other words these products save money and what saves money means less for big surface stores thus they will try to avoid selling these kinds of products.
But if you are interested MuxLab created other miraculous transferring boxes as shown with their own graphics I took from their website for learning purpose of course. :)

Image Courtesy
MuxLab Solutions

But for a true overview of MuxLab’s full lineup it is better to visit their website:

Donald Trump Presidential Wagon

As a Canadian who observed, read about and studied on my own time the political realm of the USA I can easily say a good portion of Republicans are thoroughly delusional. I am talking about being delusional for what’s happening in the world and in their own country and also being especially delusional with apparent threats.

I can read in 3 languages and do translate other important news and discussions from citizens around the world and let me tell you rare are the groups that reach this level of misinformation and paranoia as the GOP. Of course not all Republicans are like that but with polls and careful attention one can not only perceive but even demonstrate how ill-advised most Republicans are.

Read this article from and understand what all those polls means:  Republicans Actually DO Like Obama’s Ideas…When They Think They’re Trump’s

Take note most Democrats do not change their minds as much as the Republicans, based on who said what, this shows the level of cretin in the GOP realm is way higher, way higher.

And they want Trump in power? He won’t make it far the resident rump!donald_trump_presidential_wagon

Kill To Save

Recently an article on disturbed me more than usual because it finally “explained” why we see so many videos coming out of China and elsewhere in Asia where drivers hit accidentally a pedestrian or cyclist and then make sure to kill if they were only injured.

These type of socio-happenings bothers me a lot because these “civil” deaths do not occur in war zones, nature devastation, accidents or sickness, instead a lot of these people have been killed “calculatingly” and I use the word calculatingly because nothing is closer to the topic than a word deriving from “calculate”, because that’s exactly what these murderers do – they calculate their penalty equal to a terrorist calculating their damage.

It’s hard to read an article that says a person was killed because he/she was in the midst of a shooting, a car accident, a war zone and so forth but to read they have been “simply” hit, often only dazed AND than being run over on purpose to make sure one dies is in my book one of the most disgusting, revolting actions available to a human while alive and even more so when it’s an entire region under the same attitude.

Of course, we cannot speak for the entire region as if everybody does this furthermore it is becoming rare and things are changing. But it is going to take a while before true changes occur because at the moment we can clearly realise that they are not totally ready to change because many news and police enforcement take the driver’s side when compelling video evidence is presented. This blatant stupidity, archaic mentality, unafraid and calculated empathy – an affront to any proper way of life and justice.

At the end these people kill their victims for not paying too much money. It’s a sick system and nothing else.

The End Of Flash For Me

At the beginning when Macromedia came up with Flash it was quite a buzz and as a website creator I fell onto the bandwagon as well. But within months I realized it’s not worth the effort. Mid-way through Flash popularity I ditched Flash altogether and simply used more traditional ways to create websites. 10 years later nothing has changed for me, I still do not use Flash for any of my website creations.flash_falling_like_rocks

So in a sense like most people the only thing Flash related on my computer is the infamous Adobe Flash application, you know the one that makes you play videos or play Flash based games and many more little things made with Flash. This is the Flash I am now talking about and telling you that I am fed-up with.
I decided that flash must go because I have a very stable computer and Flash applications consist of the great majority of crashes. And it’s not like the constant Flash updates do anything good as they patch little and are mostly security related and often introduce other problems. It just doesn’t end and after all these years, from Macromedia to now Adobe we clearly realize there is no real interest making Flash truly better, just take their archaic update system as example.

I install Flash because there are many sites running it and are legitimate websites, so instead of seeing a broken site I install Flash and see it correctly. But, as the years go by there are less websites using Flash thus the necessity of Flash being installed has become avoidable to the point today I decided to no longer use Flash.

I am not the only one to remove Flash from their computer as you can see for yourself at development of Flash websites is dropping year after year making Flash less relevant for client side.
Here’s the latest trend:

You as well should shut off Flash, at least try to only turn it on when you absolutely need it and this will happen but at least it’s out of the way for most of the time. Turning it off often makes statistics get worse for Flash usage and maybe get Adobe to react.

There are many plugins for your particular web browser enabling you to see and do many things without Flash where otherwise you wouldn’t be able to. Just check out your browser plugin section for a flash alternative app and find one that is used by a lot of people with good ratings.

And if you are a developer, think twice before using that junk magnet. The link below in this paragraph points to an article still relevant about Flash. In fact when first posted in 2007 the title was “7 Top Problems using Flash” (my bookmark still reads that) and over the years they added one more negative element thus making it even more interesting, so you should at least try to understand why there are now “8 reasons to avoid Flash (or Silverlight) like the plague when designing a website

The White House Farm Animals

When I heard the story concerning the Kenyan young man wanting to give away farm animals in exchange for the United States president’s daughter’s hand in marriage I laughed my butt off. The story is more complicated than the simple articles found around the internet let us believe. What the young man is doing does not mean he’s exchanging animals for a human but simply using the animals as a way to say to Malia’s father (Obama); “I am serious and I am more than capable of taking care of your daughter so when the time comes think of me first”. Of course he never said this in any way other than indirectly imply this in a video he released not long ago.

In a sense it’s as if he does not realize that people with African origin living in America have little to no link with Africa to the point it’s rude and insulting to most Americans of African origin. Maybe he’s mistaking his situation, being from Kenya but living in the United Kingdom while he studies, maybe he feels that other Africans living outside Africa still have links to Africa as he does. Who knows, at the end, I wish him luck in his endeavours. For us, let us enjoy this mash-up image to remember this event. :)



These moral crusaders are happy the Supreme Court of the United States favored Lobby Hobby as birth control is a form of abortion, they say. Okay, now what I want to see from these people is picketing Lobby Hobby to protest the vast majority of Chinese products Lobby Hobby sells. Because Chinese are among the most abortion prone people on earth where over 30,000 abortions are performed each day and many are “forced” to do so. Buying from abortionists or getting rich with their products is okay with these Christians but please do freak out over something that does not exist yet. You cannot have more morally hypocrites and poor thinkers than these groups I tell you. These people are not pro-life they are pro-whatever-fits-their-mind.

Why Change The Name Of The Washington Redskins?

“Redskins means nothing to me as I have nothing against Natives so removing the Redskins name for the NFL team equals to stupidity for me and many others as well.”

The phrase you just read above is common among good intentioned people; in fact that line would be similar to what I would have said a few years ago. With time when someone really wants to become knowledgeable must also be able to walk in other peoples shoes as much as possible. Even if it is not possible to truly feel like another we can have a good idea, thus to achieve that feeling you must be able to think properly as well. Therefore, for some of you that still do not understand why it is important to change the name of the Washington Redskins let me explain it this way: Redskins for the majority of natives equals disparaging thoughts and they are right about it because they do not use this word amongst themselves in the first place because of the historical nature and use of the word. The word redskin is the same as other slurs against other races.

Imagine you are Italian and a team out there is called Washington Waps or if you are of African descent Washington Nigers or if a Jew Washington Bignoses. Better yet if you are white American what about the owner being black and they name their team Washington Crackers? You get the idea it is neither right nor fair and it has nothing to do with politically correctness but simple respect, understanding and letting go of things that do not have place in modern days.

There are also many natives who do not want to change the name of the Washington Redskins because it does not offend them, they say. But here is the deal with these people as I analyzed as much as possible these natives who are in favor of keeping the name and I found out often they are either; not on a reserve, poor thinkers thus not very bright people to start with, lives a life far away from anything related to native ways and finally many behave reminiscent of Stockholm syndrome to the point I feel they disgust their heritage.

You want to use something related to natives?

Try Washington Tomahawks, Natives, Warriors, Riders, Arrows, and Nomads just to name a few.

The key to good all around life and or success is being able to change, adapt, learn and realizing mistakes if there is one and not to be staunch about things you cannot even defend morally, logically or understand. When you try while being unable to defend your points you are automatically on the wrong side of history because the majority does try to live better on a daily basis and these little changes means a lot, especially for the ones involved here, the proud unashamed natives.

Change the Washington Redskins name and let us move forward fast.

La Gachette – Montréal (French Punk Rock)

I present you a very interesting Punk Rock song called “Montréal”, performed by the group La Gachette and it is their first video since their inception. Sure there are many videos of them on Youtube but they are merely pub filming with poor sound. Talking about sound La Gachette is pure Punk but to many it is not completely true, that is because you have to learn Quebec’s Punk Rock distinctive sound just like Quebec is distinctive itself from the rest. Nowhere else in the world you ear this type of Punk Rock music and that French or not.

The lead singer of this group is Erik, the person with the French beret seen on the first still photo of the video above. On a daily basis we use to see each other because we both worked in the construction business, last news I had of him he was still in that business. I wish him the best so he can live a better life with his family, these people are hard working people earning every penny with sweat and pain, not easy after a day of hard labour to present a show on a Friday night for people to enjoy their weekend.

You can listen to more songs from La Gachette on their website: La Gachette