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Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP) Is It The End?


The French company “Poly Implant Proth├Ęse”, or more commonly known as PIP, made a huge public-health scandal across many countries for producing and distributing implants containing chemicals not approved for medical use. The company acted pathetically in order to save money, how much? Well, looking at the financial reports and the discrepancies found within, PIP never really made money on the company side. Did the owner make money, I have no clue. The employees had been paid until the scandal erupted since there weren’t any complaints regarding pays. When we look at PIP’s records and production behavior, we can easily speculate how all this lasted for over 14 years, but I simply cannot imagine all those hundreds of thousands of women and some men affected by this issue, from simple rashes all the way to cancer, even if it remains disputed, the danger varies. Some countries will help these victims directly, while others won’t do much, it’s sad that not all will get proper help or same treatment, the simple action of removing is a huge risk.

Evidently, some will argue, “they shouldn’t have done that, no trouble then”. Well for those who think this, it’s problematic and heartless because many of these people had justifiable reasons to use these prostheses, some were amputated due to an accident, cancer or visible breast or buttocks disparity and/or other parts of their body in need of an implant, because PIP made many kind of gel based prostheses not only breast implants, male also have problems to resolve.

In 2010, Poly Implant Prostheses’s operations ended and a page in history was written, in the dark pages of humanity that is. We have to thank the president of PIP, Mr. Jean-Claude Mas, he’s the one responsible for this scandalous story. However, is it the end for the Mas name in the implant business? Well, according to the French enterprise registry, and under the FMMCD category, a company named France Implant Technologie (FIT) was registered soon after PIP closed, and this company has Mas’s son and daughter named as registrars. Now, we can argue this for a long time whether Jean-Claude’s kids will behave as their father did, but due to current publicity and the fact that their new company will be watched like vultures over their food, I doubt they will continue with the same philosophy, as such I believe their kids are simply trying to stay alive by continuing in a field they are capable of operating, a simple way to have an income, and who can blame them? However, where the story gets really blurred, is the fact that Jean-Claude Mas is named in the company as technical advisor. Now that is chilling in its own right. How can someone listed and warranted by Interpol set up a name in a newly formed company?

This is the way I see it at present time, it seems that companies are allowed to export and if trouble arises, it faces the laws of country of origin, or part of it. As far as I am concerned, France is a member state of Interpol, thus if Interpol acts as an administrative link between countries that are members, why is it that Jean-Claude Mas can sign and be part of a company dealing? No matter how involved he would be in this new company, a criminal remains just that and should not be allowed to operate if wanted elsewhere around the world until the case is resolved with all parties. If globalization is encouraged, so as the laws protecting individuals, or else these types of abuse will not stop, penalties become a farce and avoidable. If their kids want to open up a company, that’s their affair, but including the father on the list, that was a bad move, indeed the French media report that the FIT firm will not see light anytime soon because of the media attention. Well, there you go, it hit back.