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Samsung Note 7 Battery Saga Endures

Truly, Samsung isn’t doing well concerning their Note 7 battery saga as even a subsidiary producing the batteries for Samsung caught fire, the actual factory—injuries were not reported. “Supposedly” the fire started due to discarded lithium-ion products.

A total of 19 fire engines and more than 110 firemen were sent to the scene.

For more information visit South China Morning Post (English): Fire breaks out at Chinese factory that supplied Samsung Note 7 batteries

Politically Boozled

Here we are Tuesday, November 8 in this not so fabulous 2016 US election year. In a few hours we will know who will be the next president of the United States of America and unlike many other blogs or even news sites I will not warn of any consequences as none of the potential nominees will soothe the public in the long run.
Trump really surprised me how far he made it because looking at the statistics of past years the US public is leaning more Democrat each year thus I said to myself he won’t go far. After all, how can a clown like that go far anywhere? I guess in the US he can since that’s how much of those types live there so he’s got the following enabling him.
As for Hillary Clinton I can’t even imagine this women in office and yet there she is having a chance at being president. Thanks to whom? The left, the type that can’t be bothered to make things better, ever. It is a pity that if she wins it is going to be a women with the ugliest and most obscure baggage. You know how many kind Republican women I would have liked as US president before Hillary? A lot! You know how many Democrat ladies I would have seen president? A lot! Hillary Clinton was not supposed to have this honor and here again the other half of the US just showed that generally the US public is not ready for true change let alone trying. The left is truly a bunch of pussycats.
Personally Bernie Sanders was my choice but I am not delusional thus I know he wouldn’t have made much difference once in power. Bernie is from Vermont and since my wife’s relatives are mostly from there I had a special interest to vouch for Bernie but also because for over twenty years I have been hearing Bernie’s name in a good way so I believe that at the very least for the next four years he would have given the US some dignity, unlike with the two future potential candidates.
But at the end concerning jobs or the economy the U.S will not improve above this present “rate” and Trump, Hillary or dreaming of Bernie all would fail the public in this regard. Yes, I am implying none would make a difference trying in bringing back jobs at any acceptable rate above present rate because it is simply unfeasible. All the US can dream of is keep the present slow but decent growth rate – the U.S.A has become an ordinary world citizen with heavy bills to pay.
The reason for this is that the U.S face a “growing” competition on the international level and has been so for decades already and there is absolutely nothing one can do, no president can revert it, not me, not you, no personality and especially no clowns can do it either.
Are you blaming China for doing what’s best for themselves? Are you blaming Germany for their strong comeback? Are you blaming Israel, China or Russia for taking away U.S military deals? You think South Korean companies aren’t big or do not have enough shares internationally to make any differences against US interest? You do not think Brazil isn’t trying to become the U.S.A of the south and all that implicates? You think South Africa does not undermine some sector of the U.S manufacturing? You think Italy does not bug U.S aluminum foundries and many other sectors? Meanwhile next to the U.S border Mexico can build for cheap. I bet you think puny Australia does not undermine any U.S sector right? Or even better you think a country like Cuba does not produce much of anything right?
Well, a bit here and a lot there the share of the pie that other countries take on the world market is massive compared to just 20 years ago and it is never going to revert so the U.S public should get over it and find a new way to amass jobs. Even if the U.S becomes against globalization and do isolate it is not as if it did this back in the 1650’s where one could actually cope. Nowadays you won’t be able to last long as primary products are needed and unless you get those primary elements by force no one will ship it to you for free, thus obliged to interact a lot with other countries and sign treaties too. No one can do it alone and it is the reason China had to open up over the years and will continue to do so prudently and intelligently. Thus the U.S or anyone else it is either openness or restrict yourself.
At the end, Clinton (I hope not) or Trump the clown, both do not merit their places and the only people responsible for this situation is the U.S public.


Down Syndrome Is Known To All Except For One Police Officer

It takes a special kind of person to be up-close to a Down syndrome and not notice that they are Down syndrome and then beat them down for running away, depending which side of the story you believe.

Here’s the story: 22-year-syndrome-beaten-police-bulge-pants-colostomy-bag

or simply watch here:

The part I do not believe is that the officer was unable to recognize the boy as being Down syndrome. Down syndrome people look a certain way, talk a certain way, walk and run a certain way and skinny or fat they all have the same body traits with similar motions. In fact recognizing Down syndrome is so easy you must be either stupid in medical terms or doing it on purpose to not recognize one. The officer supposedly said he did not know he was Down syndrome but between you and me when we see a Down syndrome we notice right away whether day or night. Without our parents telling us as a child we knew the difference between a Down syndrome versus the so called normal ones like us. Thus, without our parent’s bearing we knew to treat these people kindly, differently just because they were visually different and acted differently if one tried to play with one of them as I did. Thus if kids know there is no reason for an adult to not recognize a Down syndrome as it is the most recognizable genetic disorder on earth, everybody knows about it.

This police officer should be disciplined by doing a quick special course to learn more than what they have learned so far in the police psychological education segment and also learn how to deal with different situations on a higher degree. Or he can stay home and suck his thumb so dumb he is for even being in the news whatsoever concerning him and a beaten Down syndrome.

Hollister Pyrotechnics

An old online acquaintance opened up a pyrotechnics shop and since it is new he needs help spreading the word. Hollister Pyrotechnics sell custom made mortar tubes, sturdy hand made racks, supplies, firing systems and provide pyrotechnic shows for every budget.

Visit the website for any inquiry, he’s a cool guy and will provide you with all the information needed.

Good launch!


Red Cross Blood Bank – Boston

I do not live near Boston, I am not a citizen of the United States, I don’t pray, I do not have family there so quite frankly there isn’t much I can do in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy. I even got laid off recently and can’t spare any money or I would give, but no amount of money is going to help in this case anyway. However I recommend anyone living near Boston or in Boston or any readers here that knows someone from Boston to remind to donate blood because after such a high number of injuries in one locality it is guaranteed the local blood supply will drop dramatically. Again this will not help immediately, nothing can, but blood is always in need and needs to be kept at a high and safe level, because we never know. Also if you feel you can spare a few dollars this is a good time to give a few to the American Red Cross. Here is the direct link to the Boston Donation Center info page of the American Red Cross;


Statistics, Polls, Facts And Math

That’s right, simple statistics, polls, facts and math put to shame the large media. Republican sided media and Democrats who tried to decipher the polls did so more on how they believe it will be or even as they hoped, but that makes a big difference in the outcome because man’s loose thoughts are worth little compared to science applied. Science here once again got dismissed and laughed at, yet a simple Jewish man named Nate Silver applied all what’s necessary to make election predictions accurate and be taken seriously.
For that I also say kudos to Nate Silver!

After Thanksgiving – Shootings And Pepper-Spray Bonanza

I will not say much about what happened in the USA, for me, when it reaches the point where and entire nation see a spike in crime for a particular event, it says all.

You can argue me, hate me, but nothing changes that too many Americans are driven by objects.
Hand fight, shootings, knifing, and pepper spray all goes up on these days, but why? It’s not the media exceptionally reporting more on this day, it is the numbers with the police force that do all the talk, year after year. I feel sorry for the innocents near by.

Just imagine, some are ready to shoot and potentially kill for a discount?

Richard Branson Doing His Part Against Shark Finning

On September 22, 2011, Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin group, posted a blog entry from Shanghai, stating that he and fellow friends are asking for a ban on shark fin soup in China. Since he is hugely popular the idea seemed good at first, why not. But then I said to myself, a white English man asking Chinese people to turn away from one of their favourite delicacies is not easy done. But what I thought and what actually happened differed hugely, and I am glad I was wrong. Yesterday, September 29, 7 days after he posted his first blog entry about shark finning, he reposted again but this time with some interesting news. Supposedly a restaurant chain in China has stopped selling shark fins, directly related to last week’s event calling on shark fin ban in China. Here is the link to the first blog entry of Richard Branson: Save our sharks in Shanghai

When they can, it is always nice to see rich people spending time the right way.

First “Major” Misfortune For The A380

October 4 2010, will be remembered as the largest misfortune to date for the Airbus 380. Soon after take-off, the Quantas A380 experienced a destructive engine problem. The pilot forced to take quick actions, safely turned around and landed without further incident. Ground personnel were quick to the scene to attend the case. In total, there were 466 passengers on board with no injuries reported. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is on the case. On the image below, pointed with a blue arrow, you can see extensive damage on the wing caused by some fragments. The black arrows show the soot coming out of a bypass zone. This leaves me to believe the culprit was in the compressor area rather then the combustion area, which is the next module towards the back. Of course, this is pure speculation of my part, hence I cannot wait for the report to come out, but this might take some time.

Quantas A380 Engine Blowout

BBC news: Qantas grounds A380s after Singapore emergency landing