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Plenty Of Roy Moore’s Out There

In the U.S, a politician from the state of Alabama named Roy Moore is under huge political pressure because a few women came forward accusing Moore of sexual and social misconduct at the time that they were teenagers and some others barely young adults, all while Moore was in his thirties.

When I heard of this story I said to myself; “well there goes another figure”. Even better, the Canadian in me applauded the fact Moore is one of those typical U.S citizen always boasting Christianity as the norm of morality—while being immoral. The great majority of Canadians find individuals like Moore and many U.S politicians very repulsive and unfit for any public service, yet in his country he may be elected—talk about the American dream.

Politics aside, people doing unwise things is present everywhere not just in one camp or place, myself included having done some irresponsible things as a youngster, although not related to sexuality. I am focusing on Roy Moore’s story because Leigh Corfman, one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct, lived an event that is loosely comparable to my daughter’s story which happened a few days after Roy Moore’s story came out on the Washington Post.

As with all parents we tend to heighten how our children really look because it is the natural feeling and because our brain adjusts to their face and become inclined to soften their uglier features. That said, I do not know if my daughter is that beautiful but I may say she’s an attractive young teenager since all her life she has been bothered for said features. From weird sexual advances, touching from her peers, nonstop lewd comments all the way to the latest event that happened while working at her new job as cashier, which is the center for this writing.

My daughter works at a type of restaurant where people walk in for take-out or sit for a quick meal, serving mainly hotdogs, fries, poutine and a few other dishes from Quebec. No one serves at the table, only a cashier and cooks are present, the patron takes care of their tray and the cashier is responsible for cleaning the table as patron quit the tables as with most restaurant of this type.
A few weeks ago a simple evening started out for my daughter but unlike the usual routine this time she realized one of the patron was still there after many hours. She found it strange because it never happens that an individual stays for hours. She said the worst cases are in the morning where seniors come and get their morning coffee and a little something to eat but they stay an hour at best, not two and a half hour as this person did. She also realized he sat the entire time facing her directly, while he could have sat looking towards the television as with all other patrons do when they are unaccompanied.

At that point she did start to get worried and with reason since the person in question started to bother my daughter with all kinds of questions and cheesy pickup lines as she continued cleaning before official closing time. Among other things, he asked her if she can take a break and go outside to smoke a cigarette or just talk.

About five minutes to closing time the person got up and walked with his tray towards my daughter, which at that point she was next to the garbage and the counter, still cleaning. The guy shoved the remains in the bin and handed the tray to my daughter instead of putting it on top of the garbage caddy with the other trays, all the while asking her again to go smoke a cigarette after work. When she refused again he placed his hand in his pocket, grabbed a paper, stripped off a piece and wrote his phone number on it. He then tended the paper towards her and with a muted gesture denoted to take it. She refused to take the paper and that’s where one of the cooks realized the situation and intervened by telling the guy to quit it and that it is time to leave the premises. The guy did comply, although still trying to give the piece of paper for a few more seconds and then relinquished by tossing the paper on the counter and started to walk towards the exit. But as he got to the door he stopped, turned around and started to push the door by backing up and winked at her while telling her to take the paper and call him.
For some reading this story it seems like a typical venture of a guy trying to get attention of a girl. Simple it seems but very disturbing when your daughter reveals the potential age of the person and another factor. As my daughter said, she did not feel scared until she realized all the points, including that he was in his late thirties and wearing a wedding band. For her, this was not a typical encounter where a male tried his best to get attention from her, this was a person in his late thirties, potentially married and preying on a young teen.

We read it in the news and on the internet, listen to it on cable news and by word of mouth sometimes, but no matter how we hear of these stories we never come across the same feeling as when it happens close to us. This time around this person wasn’t a danger and may never be a danger to the public. But just to think about the fact a men in his late thirties wearing a wedding band, thus potentially married, openly tries to pick up a teen in front of adults makes you think of all other individuals out there that go further than just tend a paper. Makes you wonder how many cases happens each day and how many actually leads to actual abuse and how many do not say anything when it happens.
My daughter said she now understands what some girls go through when facing such situation. It feels as if one can’t say what’s really on one’s mind or as rehearsed, as if there is an invisible wall that prevents the mind from reacting to a situation accordingly. On top of this she was working, being rude wasn’t in her mind and was a factor as to why she did not react with more assertiveness and make him know she wanted nothing to do with the situation he was putting her into.

As a father I did ask my daughter if she may have done anything that the men could have misunderstood as sexual gesture and she replied absolutely not. She said she served the men as she does with any other customers, kindly and promptly with no special character. I believe her since she’s not the type to fool around when committed to a relationship and she’s in a serious one.
This is why I took time writing this, it’s because our family now understands to a certain degree much more what a person goes through when these types of events happen and we can only imagine the feeling of all those who actually got into a situation that lead to abuse. What happened to my daughter is absolutely nothing compared to all those who’s lives have changed because someone raped them or other severe offenses committed onto them. We understand to a certain degree the shame victim’s feel and why some chose to stay silent. On top of this we think it’s partially due to the fact that one feels “defeated” at the time of aggression that makes some people not want to talk about the event, at least not at large, such as telling the authorities. Another factor adding to the silence is that often victims think it’s their fault and shame overcomes them. That’s why many choose to never say a word or if they do say something, it happens much later in their lives when they are mature and have more mental strength to do so. Sometimes events such as what is happening right now in the U.S, where a volley of powerful figures are being held accountable for severe sexual misconduct helps victims at large tell their story. In fact, I cannot wait to see the data on sexual allegations depositions made during this period of revolution, and not because the crime has increased but rather because more people come forward with their accusations of abuse and make the responsible accountable for the abuse and/or misconduct.

Nonetheless I feel sad knowing these wrong doings happen every day and everyday some choose to remain silent, it’s full of Roy Moore stories out there and it always has been. It’s the world we live in, not all individuals live the same life and/or have been raised the same way. For these reasons it’s a life of daily surprises for the rest of us who try hard to live a good life and abide by civil laws as much as possible every day. There is nothing we can do to stop these people from being who they are, we are not in charge of every child’s progression making sure they do not become harmful individuals as grown-ups. All we can do is take care of our own children to make them mature as good citizens while remaining vigilant and report individuals to authorities if one thinks there is a case to do so.

Politically Boozled

Here we are Tuesday, November 8 in this not so fabulous 2016 US election year. In a few hours we will know who will be the next president of the United States of America and unlike many other blogs or even news sites I will not warn of any consequences as none of the potential nominees will soothe the public in the long run.
Trump really surprised me how far he made it because looking at the statistics of past years the US public is leaning more Democrat each year thus I said to myself he won’t go far. After all, how can a clown like that go far anywhere? I guess in the US he can since that’s how much of those types live there so he’s got the following enabling him.
As for Hillary Clinton I can’t even imagine this women in office and yet there she is having a chance at being president. Thanks to whom? The left, the type that can’t be bothered to make things better, ever. It is a pity that if she wins it is going to be a women with the ugliest and most obscure baggage. You know how many kind Republican women I would have liked as US president before Hillary? A lot! You know how many Democrat ladies I would have seen president? A lot! Hillary Clinton was not supposed to have this honor and here again the other half of the US just showed that generally the US public is not ready for true change let alone trying. The left is truly a bunch of pussycats.
Personally Bernie Sanders was my choice but I am not delusional thus I know he wouldn’t have made much difference once in power. Bernie is from Vermont and since my wife’s relatives are mostly from there I had a special interest to vouch for Bernie but also because for over twenty years I have been hearing Bernie’s name in a good way so I believe that at the very least for the next four years he would have given the US some dignity, unlike with the two future potential candidates.
But at the end concerning jobs or the economy the U.S will not improve above this present “rate” and Trump, Hillary or dreaming of Bernie all would fail the public in this regard. Yes, I am implying none would make a difference trying in bringing back jobs at any acceptable rate above present rate because it is simply unfeasible. All the US can dream of is keep the present slow but decent growth rate – the U.S.A has become an ordinary world citizen with heavy bills to pay.
The reason for this is that the U.S face a “growing” competition on the international level and has been so for decades already and there is absolutely nothing one can do, no president can revert it, not me, not you, no personality and especially no clowns can do it either.
Are you blaming China for doing what’s best for themselves? Are you blaming Germany for their strong comeback? Are you blaming Israel, China or Russia for taking away U.S military deals? You think South Korean companies aren’t big or do not have enough shares internationally to make any differences against US interest? You do not think Brazil isn’t trying to become the U.S.A of the south and all that implicates? You think South Africa does not undermine some sector of the U.S manufacturing? You think Italy does not bug U.S aluminum foundries and many other sectors? Meanwhile next to the U.S border Mexico can build for cheap. I bet you think puny Australia does not undermine any U.S sector right? Or even better you think a country like Cuba does not produce much of anything right?
Well, a bit here and a lot there the share of the pie that other countries take on the world market is massive compared to just 20 years ago and it is never going to revert so the U.S public should get over it and find a new way to amass jobs. Even if the U.S becomes against globalization and do isolate it is not as if it did this back in the 1650’s where one could actually cope. Nowadays you won’t be able to last long as primary products are needed and unless you get those primary elements by force no one will ship it to you for free, thus obliged to interact a lot with other countries and sign treaties too. No one can do it alone and it is the reason China had to open up over the years and will continue to do so prudently and intelligently. Thus the U.S or anyone else it is either openness or restrict yourself.
At the end, Clinton (I hope not) or Trump the clown, both do not merit their places and the only people responsible for this situation is the U.S public.


Spring 2013

All winter I avoided posting as apart from regular work all my time and effort went towards music making and my continuous writings, my photo editing and other fun stuff took a side step thus even my blog. I also had a panic and a half when two weeks ago my hard drive suddenly slowed down to the point where files were being corrupted, but before I lost my data I ordered another hard drive made a backup and set this new hard drive to work. There is nothing more stupid than running on a hard drive and not having a back up of that same data, at least as recent as possible, it avoids nightmarish situations I tell you. Now spring is here, winter has gone and posting regularly picks up. I am also technically on vacation since I have been laid off from work until the next project, but this time I need to find another job as I know the date of the next project and I cannot wait that long without regular income, hard times ahead flank.

I took the opportunity to remove the music page because I now have a proper website for all of Retro Evo’s music. Therefore if you wonder what happened to the music page you have an explanation. I still haven’t finished Retro Evo’s website but since I will release my first album within 4 to 6 weeks in have time to finish it, for now I will concentrate finishing the few compositions that will make the cut into my first album.

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO Simply Awesome

Here in Quebec we have a law that forbids using summer or all season tires in winter from December 15 to March 15 or a fine is expected if caught not complying. I totally understand the law since I never found all season tires adequate for Quebec winters therefore imagine summer tires, drivable but dangerous to one self and others.

I haven’t installed my summer tires even if the ides of March has long past and the reason is simple, Quebec is notorious for potholes due to the heavy unthaw and freeze cycles and the patching process is not that fast, indeed because of the numerous potholes to patch. I usually put my summer tires on in mid April where the chance of snow fall is near none and the potholes are repaired in great majority. But I can’t wait to put back the summer tires because last year I installed probably the best sports tire I ever owned, surpassing all previously owned such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin and Good-Year but the latter isn’t hard to beat since they simply can’t do proper UHP tires.

The tire I am praising is the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110, these tires are so smooth and hard at the same time it’s hard to believe the combination. They are smooth because they swallow well the imperfection of the roads more than all tires I owned before. Here in Quebec the roads are closer to 16th century trail than asphalt roads so testing summer tire quietness and imperfection absorption is easy to determine. In wet weather they are not the supreme tires but until now no surprise because they let go gradually so very predictable under wet traction and while under lateral force. And for me that is very important because I am the type to take corners very heavily rain or dry and I need a tire that gradually loses traction and not suddenly. I also have to mention the Ventus V12 EVO K110 are not screamers, they don’t have tendencies to screech especially while cornering and that is a plus, we don’t want people or the police to turn their heads do we. ;)

However while the tire are soft enough amazingly they give out a nice hard feeling because they have a strong sidewall making my ~1636 Kilogram (3606Lbs) SUV act like a go-gart because rolling is near zero. The feeling on the steering wheel is also very intuitive, a plus. We already put over ~7000 kilometers (~4350 miles) and the wear is barely noticeable. And not only that, last summer when we took our vacation we drove from Montreal to Florida and back overloaded and where in many occasions we hit very nasty potholes (especially around Philadelphia region) and where I was sure they would have blown off so solid the bangs were, I mean really hard hits the type you are SURE they would blow, but no, they remained solid along the way.

And it comes to a surprise since last year I blew one of my winter tires in similar pothole while being alone in the vehicle, thus less heavy by far. And it was a day were temperate wasn’t low so extreme low temperature wasn’t a factor. So if my supposedly amazing and expensive winter tire (Bridgestone Blizzak ws70) with bigger sidewall and supposedly more rugged constructed blew under a less stressful condition, I have to ask how on earth my supposedly fragile summer tires (Hankook Ventus V12) took way more brunt yet they made the journey without a problem. I can deduct that some companies over price their tires and claims and proves that Hankook gives you a good product for the price you pay.

I just can’t stop thinking of the vacation, every now and then we hit the fenders so much we were heavy, even a slight up and down wobble made the tire touch the fenders and sometime all at once when hitting a pothole, in other words the tire often were squeezed. My wife and I were nervous all along the travel road and scared to get stranded and unable to find similar tires or even continue with a spare tire, which I am sure we were not going to make it because so heavy we were traveling. That’s how bad it was, yet the tires being punished from above and below, squeezed and all resisted wear and tear and not to mention the extreme heat of the Floridian tarmac where we saw many cars and trucks blew their tires for no apparent reason other than high temperature.

In all, the Hankook Ventus V12 proved to be good enough under the most demanding circumstances and they got a new client that will buy again or do what I am doing now, spread the word. And it’s not only the overall good nature of the tire I praise, it’s the fact they are some of the cheapest tires you will ever find in the Ultra High Performance category. And do I have to mention they look awesome? CX817MB_Saturn_Vue_01

The Hankook Ventus V12 are on 20″ CX817MB by CX Wheels.

And a little bragging here, ins’t my Saturn Vue one of the best looking Vue ever? Stealthy looking with no stickers or other stupidities. Just a pair of Euro style back lights and wheels makes it just plain awesome compared to most Vue’s out there where people think more is better. ;)

Camera Price Lower Than Expected


It’s a couple of weeks I have been hunting for the perfect price to pay for a used camera, more precisely for the Canon SX30 IS, and finally paid off. I can’t really take nice pictures of the camera as I had to use my son’s phone cam, and we all know this is by far the worst type of image for clear detail. But you can trust me when I say the camera is flawless, everything in the box was accounted for and above all, paid less than expected thanks to Henry’s ( And the image this camera takes, unbelievable for a bridge camera, but it is a Canon, what else to expect? Below is my first image taken with the Canon SX30 IS, straight out of the box, I closed all light (except for the PC screen making some light) and shot, and the result is very good for not setting anything. (Image resized and quality lost)



Therefore if your are looking for some amazing possibilities with your camera and you do not want to pay a fortune for a new one, I really suggest this Canon SX30 IS, it is by far one of the best camera in this category, in fact, even new cameras of this type from other companies do not even come close in quality image. If you have money to spend, buy the SX40 HS, the newer model, but these series are truly exceptional. (Avoid the SX20 IS by the way, it’s a bit too hold in my opinion)

Pain In My Heart

The other day I learned that my neighbor living downstairs was laid off by his company after 15+ years of service, supposedly due to not enough work. Sure my arse, because it’s full of new employee’s that have hardly worked there for a year and they did not get laid off? But the true story goes like this; he was let go because he did not get along with a new manager that was put on the night shift with him. My neighbor told me that he did not get along with this guy, hence, he got booted for this reason he thinks, because there is work and hiring they have been doing. But here is where things get very interesting and heartbreaking, my neighbor is in his late fifty’s and approaching retirement and will probably not find another job with the same salary bracket as he must start from the ground up all over again.

Why, and I ask again, why would a company not take in consideration the time left before retirement, there should be laws that protect workers that are very near retirement. My heart is below my belt, I cannot take it even if I barley know my neighbor. He lived from pay check to pay check and has no means to do without money or a normal pay until he can retire or be eligible for Canada’s public pension fund. For the next 36 weeks, he is eligible and receiving unemployment insurance but then what. This man is alone, taken advantage of by his adult children and shunned by the rest of his family because his ex-wife made sure of that, no friends, nothing, only us to help him out, and we do and will continue to do so, because he is human and I do not want him or anyone to find their way under a bridge. Everybody seems so cold towards these cases nowadays it’s not even funny. I am presently seeing a total debacle of a person unrolling in front of my eyes, I will NOT stand idle.

Of course I am not asking for money, me and my wife will take charge of sustaining him as much we can until we can. What I am trying to do here is make you realize that even if you barely know someone, and he/she is not quite your type, you still need to have a heart and help if you can. So if you know someone near you who needs help, don’t turn your back on them. The only thing you need to remember, is not to be afraid to tell them not to get comfy asking stuff, especially money, never give money directly to anyone, buy for them instead, such as food, do NOT give them money. Ask if they consumed food that day because that is priority number one. As far I am concerned it’s not hard to help, and with that, you will find some comfort of your own.

EBay And People’s Dream

This morning I was looking at eBay listings to find out if the camera I want to buy had been sold or if other has been included for auction. And what do I see, a person selling a USED item higher than the camera itself is worth new, and she has a Zero (0) sold items record. And the worst part, I think she may even sell it, now that I would like to see the face of that d!ckhead. lol I found the seller on Facebook by the way, cute girl and seem down to earth, but nuts when it come to affairs, I guess its her dream to catch that fish, and it will be an American fish since she does not send overseas. ;)


Francesco Schettino – Premium Marine Joke


Well, what I can say for Mr. Schettino, the infamous captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship who hit bottom and overturned the cruise ship off the Italian coast. I do not know what to say other than say that I am a bit disappointed at myself; yes me, because by finishing an essay I could have indirectly predicated that such thing could happen again under an Italian captain, unfortunately that essay isn’t done. In that essay I explain why Italy produces “some of” the best and worst captain around.

Sure they have good captains, the country is surrounded by water, due to this going back into history books will reveal the huge implication of Italian explorers, all countries hired them, surpassing Portugal, France and Spain and only the British have done better in terms of exceptional navigators and service rendered.

However, the same factor that yields many good captains, also yield potential unqualified people into the navy that simply can’t handle high pressure moments. And this is not new story, in World War 2 German military papers, which were observations by German officers, have reported negative behavior from some Italian units operating along Germans, where Italian seaman were not disciplined and where in many occasion surrendered under light situations and/or avoided confrontation all together. How Francesco Schettino reacted was just a “possible” repeat of history, predictable as I said earlier.

However, let’s remember the opposite is true, some of the greatest captains were Italian and the balance is still in Italian favor for good captains out there. Even Francesco Schettino made a decent move under the circumstance as he turned the ship around to avoid the deep, imagine the disaster then. That he did it fast enough or not, the good direction or not, it’s not important at this point, the ship will not float, what matters is why he abandoned ship so fast (to early for the real reasons), as I love to analyze behaviors to form correlations, one of the most powerful tool of the brain for reasoning impartially. ;)

Francesco Schettino, you couldn’t hit water even if you fell from a boat


Boxing Day Collateral Damage

This time what makes the news by surprise is actually a murder reporting case in London, UK; on days supposedly sacred in a sense. Aren’t the vast majority still religious in England? Aren’t you all supposed to behave? What is wrong with you people? Why can’t there be respect? Why can’t these stores be prepared for such events? Why open doors like gates retaining animals? Why can’t there be a numbering system for these days alone? Why isn’t police presence augmented “seriously” enough to sway these possible actions? This is not something new, this has been going on for years now, so do not tell me no one saw it coming. The difference is that with years, people do start to realize how these days are in general, thus tension mounts each year naturally, as people start to go to these shopping sprees with a pre-winded mind.

In the United States same story, again a spike in violence, but what is new on this side of the continent? Not much, same old crap different year.

Here in Canada one of the worst things that happened is a bunch of shoppers got egged while waiting inline outside a store, most probably done by someone opposed to capitalism or other elements. Either case, it is still mean for any entity to act as such, it is stupid and above all has no meaning whatsoever. Instead, if you have a message, write it down, pass it on as flyers, some will read, some may give you right, but with these types of actions you go nowhere other than possibly jail. Technically speaking it is pure violence since an egg shell can actually render someone blind, are some of you that unintelligent? Oh Canada!

Gaddafi Murdered?

Incredible how many posts and articles declare that Gaddafi was “murdered”, and the fact that he did not stand trial. Once again we observe injustice you might argue! I think otherwise, I do not think anyone with a remorseless and bloody past should live a minute longer after a capture. Gaddafi met his trial, and was sentenced and executed within a timely fashion, by the Libyan people. This is the best outcome after more than 40 years of ruling. The Libyan people are liberated and will choose their destiny more democratically from now on.