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Funny stuff edited by Gianni and not made by someone or re-shares, therefore all images and other humorous creations found in the “G’s Funny Edits” category is 100% original and you have seen it here first. :)

My Own Weird Declaration

With the weird declarations this leader made, be it remarks about the holocaust, September 11 event and so forth, this Funny Edit and the content might not be so funny after all. But just as he can do weird declaration, so can I.


I was about to scrap this particular edit half way done just a few days ago, until I read a few decisive articles that made me change my mind. I tried to investigate, but it seems that what I read here in the Canadian media is found more or less in the same format in the Persian area. Of course I am talking about Mr. Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president and all the scandalous things he portrays. I believe he does not merit this position, he’s too weirdcentric. Do not get me wrong here, I have nothing against Iran. I care less what Iran do next, I actually always defended the right for Iran to have nuclear technologies. My opinion on this issue is simple, everybody has the right to nuclear derived technologies, but it is everybody’s affair to know what each other is doing. This Funny Edit edition is aimed only at Mr. Ahmadinejad, at all the stupid sentences this person made, the waste of time people endured when speaking, the lies, the weird thinking and ideologies. He points at West with words of corruption, but in his home place he is facing just the same problem. They are no better, people with power are all the same, really. And as for the other people and decorations in the image, they are only there and retouched for your amusement.;)

Just As Promised

Mr. Al-Gaddafi, it is imported from your own backyard !!! In August 2008 Italy signed a memorandum pledging $5 billion to Libya. This is part of the reconciliation process due to the atrocities Italians inflicted to Libyans during the occupation between the two world wars. I am not sure if Italy was in the process of paying out this fraud when the rebellion started. Either way, with Gaddafi out of power, it is neither him nor family that will benefit from it.


Pass And Score

Here’s a cheer up composition for all unconditional fans, me first. As I write this there are still over 16 hours of wait before the first game between the Flyers and Boston. Good Luck Flyers !!!


Image Explanation On the left side the players is Arron Asham #45, he’s trying to pass trough Bryce Salvador #24 in game five against New Jersey. Take note of Arron Asham’s flexing hockey stick, nice image. (Original photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) On the right side its Brian Boucher #33 looking at the center timer screen during a timeout, again in game five against New Jersey. (Original photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images) On the far right, that’s Rocky’s statue, strong icon of Philadelphia and I personally take it as a symbol of determination. In the middle I inserted the Liberty Bell, the reason is that I found amusing changing some letters and make it more for the occasion. On the original picture the inscription on the Bell reads Pass And Stow, I changed it to Pass And Score. ;) The rest of the image do not need an explanation…