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First “Major” Misfortune For The A380

October 4 2010, will be remembered as the largest misfortune to date for the Airbus 380. Soon after take-off, the Quantas A380 experienced a destructive engine problem. The pilot forced to take quick actions, safely turned around and landed without further incident. Ground personnel were quick to the scene to attend the case. In total, there were 466 passengers on board with no injuries reported. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is on the case. On the image below, pointed with a blue arrow, you can see extensive damage on the wing caused by some fragments. The black arrows show the soot coming out of a bypass zone. This leaves me to believe the culprit was in the compressor area rather then the combustion area, which is the next module towards the back. Of course, this is pure speculation of my part, hence I cannot wait for the report to come out, but this might take some time.

Quantas A380 Engine Blowout

BBC news: Qantas grounds A380s after Singapore emergency landing

Just Another Internet Based Telephone Service

I do not endorse the product(s) mentioned on However, after a bit of research, it is worth passing on the word and letting you read and reflect on the offerings mentioned on that website. Depending on your needs, you might find the services interesting. As for me, all I can say is that the idea is good, but many major downfalls for this phone service.

I suggest you read the criticism section on Wikipedia to learn more about it. Wikipedia Magicjack Article

Gorbachev Speaks Out About A Few Points

Gorbachev speaks out about a few points that confirm what I thought all along, and that is Putin being a real pain for Russian democracy progression. He also speaks about the USA doing a good thing to pull out of Afghanistan. Some may say big deal, sure but remember he was head of state and he saw, lived and heard things we cannot even imagine. When people like that talk, you listen and analyze. Enough said visit the BBC News articles and view the video if you do not want to read. BBC News Video.

Pass And Score

Here’s a cheer up composition for all unconditional fans, me first. As I write this there are still over 16 hours of wait before the first game between the Flyers and Boston. Good Luck Flyers !!!


Image Explanation On the left side the players is Arron Asham #45, he’s trying to pass trough Bryce Salvador #24 in game five against New Jersey. Take note of Arron Asham’s flexing hockey stick, nice image. (Original photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) On the right side its Brian Boucher #33 looking at the center timer screen during a timeout, again in game five against New Jersey. (Original photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images) On the far right, that’s Rocky’s statue, strong icon of Philadelphia and I personally take it as a symbol of determination. In the middle I inserted the Liberty Bell, the reason is that I found amusing changing some letters and make it more for the occasion. On the original picture the inscription on the Bell reads Pass And Stow, I changed it to Pass And Score. ;) The rest of the image do not need an explanation…

Rihanna in Barbados

Here is another picture that was lost in my desktop folders, the women we see in this picture is the famous singer Rihanna, she sold over twelve million albums in only about 4 years, that is a huge success and lots of money to spend. LOL I have this image in a much larger size and I can see her face very well, she is so cute, I love those multi-mixed genetic features she has, a bit of this, a bit of that and remixed again with this and that… LOL By the way I pixelated the little girl’s face because she is under age and for respect to a very far family member that we never met. That little girl is part of my wife’s step father’s family, seen in the background. Rihanna is from Barbados and my wife’s mother and her family was in Barbados last year in vacation when they snapped this picture with Rihanna, lucky them… for have visited Barbados that is. :)