My Philadelphia Flyers Wish For The Cup And a Cheesesteak


The Philadelphia Flyers made some moves this summer that leave me with uncertainties. However things seem to be working out fine since the pre season games started and the two games so far in the official schedule. It is not the fact that they almost wiped out the team composition, but more for the fact that we now have “yet again” feel as if the Flyers does not have what it takes, right off the bat. First off, I have to say goalie wise we are fine. The young Sergei Bobrovsky together with Ilya Bryzgalov is perhaps the best purposely built tandem in a very long time for the Flyers. The fact that this summer the Flyers went and got the veteran goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, clearly shows the organization is trying to help the young Russian with a veteran NHL Russian goaltender. Each of Bobrovsky’s game this year will be a better learning moment since he will have a comrade along the way. As opposed to the other year where his low English level did not help somewhere in the equation, like slight diminished self-confidence. Let’s not forget, a player, just like a physician, an iron worker or the simple delivery boy, can all be affected by inner or outside elements. In other words the more one is appeased the better it performs, therefore I believe Sergei Bobrovsky will have a better year solely on the fact he can now lean on a compatriot. For second, we haven’t lost Brière, Hartnell and Laperriere, and this is good news since they are such impact players. As for the rest I am not satisfied and or do not know the new players enough to comment. So I am left with a brand new team and little to recognize. I am exceptionally disappointed about still having to see that aging, slow poke dinosaur around; I am talking about the Canadian defensemen Chris Pronger. I was able to see my first Flyers game of the official season, Flyers Vs Devils. It will be remembered with a shutout, 3-0 for the Flyers, with a performance along the same line as the pre-season games. I guess they are fine and we just have to let them play and see in mid season what all the reshuffling meant. If they fail again to put a “cup team” together the dreadful brunt will come by many. I can make a prediction or two; the first is that this season the Flyers will do more shutouts than previous years, which last year was not hard to beat since they outputted zero shutout. This year they will make more goals per game average than previous years and finish first or second in their conference. But the latter is not hard to predict since the Flyers is one of the very few teams, where season after season is matched by acceptable to high performance. But this year we want more, the CUP!!!

Cosmi’s Deli delight!

The picture above was taken on my way home to Montreal, when returning from my vacation in Florida. When I go to Florida or come back, traffic or not on the I-95, I always make sure I can pass by the Spectrum II (Wells Fargo center) and make my little naïve wish for the cup! Having time on our hands, we stopped for a Cheesesteak. The image below shows Cosmi’s Deli place, of course the location seems blah! But the location is actually a signature call for almost assured quality and authenticity of genuine Italian food, including the world famous Philly Cheesesteak or Cheese-steak. Depends how you want to write it down, but to me it all sounds the same, delicious and another Italo-American invention pride! Located in South Philadelphia, home of a substantial Italian population, it makes only sense we find a deli among so many others. But no matter how many deli’s there are around, Cosmi’s Deli is one of the brightest star. Their cheesesteaks can be compared to a torpedo running silent, when it hits you, devastation. Smooth and homogeneous while biting into it, all flavours can be deciphered nonetheless, and none is unpleasant. The bread is of match for the type, the bread is merely a vessel for the torpedo!!! If you want to try one of the pinnacles of Cheesesteak making, I suggest Cosmi’s Deli located at 1501 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia. Their hours are Monday trough Saturday, 10am to 9pm and on Sunday’s 11am to 7pm. My favorite is the mushroom pepper and onions Cheesesteak. Buon appetito!