DigiBox And MuxLab Signs Distribution Agreement

Official Press Release: DigiBox signs Distribution Agreement with MuxLab

I am not sure what DigiBox is but MuxLab is based right here in Quebec, Canada and anything helping our market is good news indeed. Now that said MuxLab specializes in hardware aimed at transferring all forms of media and other data. For example, let’s say at your business place or household you want to acquire a better camera surveillance system but you do not want to invest in rewiring, with MuxLab and their solutions one can connect a new IP POE camera to an existing single coax cable and then back to 10/100 ethernet so it can connect to a recorder. Normally you cannot do this nor is it easy to achieve with over the counter typical devices found at your typical electronic store, they simply do not hold such products. In other words these products save money and what saves money means less for big surface stores thus they will try to avoid selling these kinds of products.
But if you are interested MuxLab created other miraculous transferring boxes as shown with their own graphics I took from their website for learning purpose of course. :)

Image Courtesy MuxLab.com
MuxLab Solutions

But for a true overview of MuxLab’s full lineup it is better to visit their website: MuxLab.com