Donald Trump Presidential Wagon

As a Canadian who observed, read about and studied on my own time the political realm of the USA I can easily say a good portion of Republicans are thoroughly delusional. I am talking about being delusional for what’s happening in the world and in their own country and also being especially delusional with apparent threats.

I can read in 3 languages and do translate other important news and discussions from citizens around the world and let me tell you rare are the groups that reach this level of misinformation and paranoia as the GOP. Of course not all Republicans are like that but with polls and careful attention one can not only perceive but even demonstrate how ill-advised most Republicans are.

Read this article from and understand what all those polls means:  Republicans Actually DO Like Obama’s Ideas…When They Think They’re Trump’s

Take note most Democrats do not change their minds as much as the Republicans, based on who said what, this shows the level of cretin in the GOP realm is way higher, way higher.

And they want Trump in power? He won’t make it far the resident rump!donald_trump_presidential_wagon