Red Cross Blood Bank – Boston

I do not live near Boston, I am not a citizen of the United States, I don’t pray, I do not have family there so quite frankly there isn’t much I can do in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy. I even got laid off recently and can’t spare any money or I would give, but no amount of money is going to help in this case anyway. However I recommend anyone living near Boston or in Boston or any readers here that knows someone from Boston to remind to donate blood because after such a high number of injuries in one locality it is guaranteed the local blood supply will drop dramatically. Again this will not help immediately, nothing can, but blood is always in need and needs to be kept at a high and safe level, because we never know. Also if you feel you can spare a few dollars this is a good time to give a few to the American Red Cross. Here is the direct link to the Boston Donation Center info page of the American Red Cross;