Samsung Note 7 Battery Saga Endures

Truly, Samsung isn’t doing well concerning their Note 7 battery saga as even a subsidiary producing the batteries for Samsung caught fire, the actual factory—injuries were not reported. “Supposedly” the fire started due to discarded lithium-ion products.

A total of 19 fire engines and more than 110 firemen were sent to the scene.

For more information visit South China Morning Post (English): Fire breaks out at Chinese factory that supplied Samsung Note 7 batteries

IKEA’s Small Pot And Italian Grand-Mothers Do Not Mix

The image below representing an Italian family gathered around the “nonna” (grand-mother) was extracted from an IKEA commercial that has been running on television in Quebec for a while now. It’s an ordinary IKEA commercial where a certain amount humor is introduced into their televised commercials, at least here in Canada.
I am not sure if they used a small pot for jokes in the commercial or maybe it’s IKEA’s biggest pot, either way each and every time this commercial comes on, someone in our family is bound to make a humorous joke about the fact that no Italian grand-mother would cook with such a small pot with such a big family as depicted in the commercial.

To all the Italians and Italian descent like me, we know this pot is too small. LOL

Here’s the commercial:

Barack Obama Moves To Canada – Funny Canadian Advertisement

Not long ago I saw a commercial where they depict Barack Obama wanting to move to Canada after his end of term—of course as a parody. That you appreciate Obama or dislike him this parody is simply good advertising and nothing better than Friday, January 20th, 2017 to share it with my fellow U.S citizens visiting this site.

Take note, I have NO affiliation whatsoever with Dominion Lending Centers or their cronies.

Early DNA Experiment Vintage Photograph

A few weeks ago I bought for a Canadian dollar this vintage photograph which appears to be from the mid 1940’s.

It was presented to me by a seasoned barn seller who’s a very good friend with one of my relative’s friends from upstate New York. Supposedly the newborn in the picture was a genetic experiment between a spud of the fingerling potato varieties also called Russian banana and human DNA. The rich real estate developer from New York who ordered the experiment did so because he feared his weak genetics were going to be passed on to his children. Supposedly he believed mixing his DNA with Russian Bananas would make his children stronger to face the frigid cold of the state of New York thus less chances of perishing from pneumonia for example. His close associates were the ones to suggest the use of the small, stubby, finger-shaped type of potato varieties because these spuds would create a stronger creature capable of sustaining the cold winters of New York by vegetating all year long.

But you know how stories from friends of friends go, they are often misleading. So I will hang on to this vintage photograph until I get a clearer picture of the story or until one day someone finds the rightful owner of this photograph, be it a family member or the people involved in this experiment. Hopefully someone can explain a bit more why they let it lose in the first place and if there is any danger for the public.

I think I made a good deal as I will be able to regain the investment as old photographs are in demand lately. I just can’t seem to figure out the letters in the picture properly as I have trouble with my eyes. Not sure if it reads Rump, Stump, Frump, Pump, …really hard to read when you have eye problems as I do.  Anyway, at least I am sharing it for all to see with their good eyes.

iGooseneck – The Thought Short Flexible Neck By FastCap

Are you looking for a very short flexible stem for your action camera or other small devices?

The iGooseneck might be the tool you need and beyond.


The iGooseneck is a flexible mounting post measuring 7.6 cm (3”) in length with 1/4″-20 threads on both ends. It’s made of metal with a type of copper alloy core wrapped by plastic. The flat surface where the head of the iGooseneck meet the device is padded with a type of rubber as expected with any product intended to be used with electronic devices.
I have been using the iGooseneck for all types of applications since July 2016 and it performs very well but it is limited with weight capacity as with any small tools. However the fact it holds much heavier devices than its intended use is a bonus and I will do my best to give a review where you can use it to make a choice depending on your needs.

If you plan on using the iGooseneck with an action camera it will render service adequately. With today’s action cameras averaging 100 grams (0.22 lbs)) the iGooseneck is strong enough to keep them in position despite ongoing activities and to date with all the trials I can say it takes a very strong and abrupt movement to sway it out of its position, such as a fall or rough landing after a high jump. Thus, when used with action cameras or other devices below 100 grams the iGooseneck performs.
With slightly heavier devices such as the newest generation smartphones (~130 grams (0.29 lbs)) the iGooseneck holds its position just as well although once in a while the position of the flexible stem shifted under some conditions, such as making a stuck landing after jumping over a fence. Inside a moving vehicle and riding on a somewhat very bad road even driving aggressively does not move the stem of the iGooseneck and that’s good news for those who would like to use their smartphone or similar weighing devices for recoding vehicle related videos.

And Beyond…

As with anyone who like to experiment I used the iGooseneck with my full size camera and to my surprise it works somewhat well despite the camera weighing nearly ~650 g (1.43 lb.). That’s roughly six times the weight of a typical action camera or six times the advertised intended use.
When using a heavy camera or other objects in this weight category (~650 g) the iGooseneck can hold position but if the flexible neck is at an angle and you walk it may shift position. Straight up or positioned at a very small angle it will hold much better. My bridge camera attached to my table top tripod via the iGooseneck renders service adequately but I have to warn that the iGooseneck wasn’t designed for objects in this weight category thus small accidental or intentional moves bend the iGooseneck rather easily and trying to position the camera past 45 degrees hardly holds, but will set nonetheless. However when operating the camera buttons one must hold the device or it will move. I can imagine cameras or other devices surpassing 650 g will lose grip completely rendering the iGooseneck totally useless.
If you plan on manipulating and/or pressing buttons on a heavy camera while the iGooseneck is set at a heavy angle expect a momentarily wobble each time you release the camera. In fact it is so touchy with heavy cameras that if using a bridge camera for example one needs to set the timer for at least five seconds or use a remote shutter controller because when the shutter button is pressed manually the camera wobbles momentarily and that’s not desirable. Even with this little caveat images are sharp once the perceivable wobble stops because there are no other micro shakes going on thus good enough for macro photography if you wish. Even so I don’t suggest for professional use with heavy devices due to its fidgetiness which result in loss of time due to repeated readjustments and loss of exact frame positioning if that is important as well.
With devices such as an iPad the iGooseneck will hold it as with the camera but here the touchscreen isn’t a factor as much as camera buttons thus will perform better even at 90 degree angle. However that wobble upon touching a heavy device still remains.

Ideal usage?

– the iGooseneck will perform surprisingly well practicing almost any sports including underwater sports (tested only in brackish and soft water) with action cameras or other very light devices under 100g.
– between 100g and 200g the iGooseneck will perform similarly to lighter devices but taking great care to avoid shakes.
– 200g and beyond the iGooseneck will hold better or worst under different circumstances and repositioning becomes a habit.

A perfect example of the flexibility of this tool to be a sound boom flexible microphone neck.
Take note on the photo above the makeshift sound boom pole head does not permit me to point my ZOOM H1 sound recorder/microphone towards the ground. This is important since the microphone is above the subject the microphone must point downwards and the iGooseneck permits me to do this. Another little advantage I haven’t had the chance to test further for confirmation is that together with the MOVO shock mount the iGooseneck further shields the vibration coming from the pole manipulation making low rumbles impossible to perceive and that’s a good thing.

Product Notice and Recommendation

As with all products and ideas nothing is perfect and the iGooseneck as one discernable problem for my standard.
As you can see with the image above the way the iGooseneck is designed the center core overhang either side of the base after some manipulation. I never had any trouble as my tripod socket is made of metal but I have seen cameras with plastic socket so be careful when tightening both object together as the core of the flexible stem can damage plastics over time. If you unscrew and screw the iGooseneck very often and do manipulate the flexible stem a lot you better make sure to tap the core back in by tapping it on a hard surface as needed – but not on your wooden table. ;)
My suggestion for this company is to enhance it with end screw caps to avoid the center core from protruding.
Also a caveat not related to the product itself but rather how the company markets this product is that the iGooseneck should be sold with a cheap female/female 1/4-20 treaded adapter for higher flexibility out of the box and because once marketed towards slightly heavier devices this product has bigger sale potential.

With the end screw caps fix and with a female/female 1/4-20 treaded adapter I would not hesitate paying three times the price as it is that solid, that performing. Any other use with heavier devices is just a bonus of a well-made product and at 4.95 USD it is a good deal.

You can find the iGooseneck in many fine stores such as Adorama and B&H.

Politically Boozled

Here we are Tuesday, November 8 in this not so fabulous 2016 US election year. In a few hours we will know who will be the next president of the United States of America and unlike many other blogs or even news sites I will not warn of any consequences as none of the potential nominees will soothe the public in the long run.
Trump really surprised me how far he made it because looking at the statistics of past years the US public is leaning more Democrat each year thus I said to myself he won’t go far. After all, how can a clown like that go far anywhere? I guess in the US he can since that’s how much of those types live there so he’s got the following enabling him.
As for Hillary Clinton I can’t even imagine this women in office and yet there she is having a chance at being president. Thanks to whom? The left, the type that can’t be bothered to make things better, ever. It is a pity that if she wins it is going to be a women with the ugliest and most obscure baggage. You know how many kind Republican women I would have liked as US president before Hillary? A lot! You know how many Democrat ladies I would have seen president? A lot! Hillary Clinton was not supposed to have this honor and here again the other half of the US just showed that generally the US public is not ready for true change let alone trying. The left is truly a bunch of pussycats.
Personally Bernie Sanders was my choice but I am not delusional thus I know he wouldn’t have made much difference once in power. Bernie is from Vermont and since my wife’s relatives are mostly from there I had a special interest to vouch for Bernie but also because for over twenty years I have been hearing Bernie’s name in a good way so I believe that at the very least for the next four years he would have given the US some dignity, unlike with the two future potential candidates.
But at the end concerning jobs or the economy the U.S will not improve above this present “rate” and Trump, Hillary or dreaming of Bernie all would fail the public in this regard. Yes, I am implying none would make a difference trying in bringing back jobs at any acceptable rate above present rate because it is simply unfeasible. All the US can dream of is keep the present slow but decent growth rate – the U.S.A has become an ordinary world citizen with heavy bills to pay.
The reason for this is that the U.S face a “growing” competition on the international level and has been so for decades already and there is absolutely nothing one can do, no president can revert it, not me, not you, no personality and especially no clowns can do it either.
Are you blaming China for doing what’s best for themselves? Are you blaming Germany for their strong comeback? Are you blaming Israel, China or Russia for taking away U.S military deals? You think South Korean companies aren’t big or do not have enough shares internationally to make any differences against US interest? You do not think Brazil isn’t trying to become the U.S.A of the south and all that implicates? You think South Africa does not undermine some sector of the U.S manufacturing? You think Italy does not bug U.S aluminum foundries and many other sectors? Meanwhile next to the U.S border Mexico can build for cheap. I bet you think puny Australia does not undermine any U.S sector right? Or even better you think a country like Cuba does not produce much of anything right?
Well, a bit here and a lot there the share of the pie that other countries take on the world market is massive compared to just 20 years ago and it is never going to revert so the U.S public should get over it and find a new way to amass jobs. Even if the U.S becomes against globalization and do isolate it is not as if it did this back in the 1650’s where one could actually cope. Nowadays you won’t be able to last long as primary products are needed and unless you get those primary elements by force no one will ship it to you for free, thus obliged to interact a lot with other countries and sign treaties too. No one can do it alone and it is the reason China had to open up over the years and will continue to do so prudently and intelligently. Thus the U.S or anyone else it is either openness or restrict yourself.
At the end, Clinton (I hope not) or Trump the clown, both do not merit their places and the only people responsible for this situation is the U.S public.



Over a decade ago when choosing a video editing software I settled with a Sonic Foundry product but soon after the giant Sony bought all of the Sonic Foundry lineup including my accustomed Vegas Video editing software. The change did nothing other than reading Sony instead of Sonic Foundry — the program itself was essentially made with the same base code.

To my surprise this year Sony sold the same lineup to a German holding company named MAGIX and once again the “Vegas” name changes ownership and again I have to see another name. Hey! As long they do not change too much in any “wrong” direction I will remain a customer especially if the list of features grows as it did under MAGIX.

Go read the official entry and or go straight to the new features listed below the main article, it’s promising:
VEGAS Pro 14 – A new era begins for video editing

DigiBox And MuxLab Signs Distribution Agreement

Official Press Release: DigiBox signs Distribution Agreement with MuxLab

I am not sure what DigiBox is but MuxLab is based right here in Quebec, Canada and anything helping our market is good news indeed. Now that said MuxLab specializes in hardware aimed at transferring all forms of media and other data. For example, let’s say at your business place or household you want to acquire a better camera surveillance system but you do not want to invest in rewiring, with MuxLab and their solutions one can connect a new IP POE camera to an existing single coax cable and then back to 10/100 ethernet so it can connect to a recorder. Normally you cannot do this nor is it easy to achieve with over the counter typical devices found at your typical electronic store, they simply do not hold such products. In other words these products save money and what saves money means less for big surface stores thus they will try to avoid selling these kinds of products.
But if you are interested MuxLab created other miraculous transferring boxes as shown with their own graphics I took from their website for learning purpose of course. :)

Image Courtesy
MuxLab Solutions

But for a true overview of MuxLab’s full lineup it is better to visit their website: